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The most important activities of the purchasing and logistics department are mainly focused on:

- Raw materials used for production of elements made of polyester-glass laminate and dualaminates, using thermoplastic materials (PP、PE、PVC、PVDF、ECTFE、FEP、PFA).

- Thermoplastic fittings used in various industries (petrochemical, chemical, sanitary).
Steel elements ranging from black steel through acid steel to special alloys. Crucial elements are flanges, fittings, load-bearing elements, ladders, platforms, railings, supports for both pipelines and apparatus.
Fasteners and seals.

- Logistics (land, sea and air transport) and all kinds of packaging.

- To provide our customers with the best quality products, we are looking for qualified suppliers. We value business partnership based on mutual respect and long-term cooperation.

  • Reconstruction of the static bearing structure
  • Reconstruction of the chemical barrier layer
  • Repair of thermoplastic linings
  • Retrofitting of thermoplastic linings
  • Maintenance work according to the test report of a notified body (e.g. TÜV)
  • Documentation of the completed refurbishment work

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